Hammock overlooks the forest of pines, with The Elora rustic glamping tent in the distance.
Relax in one of our hammocks. This one is located in the forest, near The Elora rustic glamping tent at Irvineside Farm.

Yes, kind of like how “a working vacation” is supposed to be a relaxing getaway. 

But guess what? Rustic Glamping IS a relaxing getaway because we do most of the work.

Your tent is set-up. The beds (yes, really comfy beds) are made up with fresh linens.

King-side Douglas mattress with fresh linens inside The Aboyne tent.
The king-sized Canadian-made Douglas mattress on pine bedframe is made up with fresh linens, so all you need is your jammies!

The washrooms, complete with flush toilets and hot showers, are cleaned daily.

One of four private washrooms in our washroom trailer, complete with flush toilets, hot-water showers and a vanity.
One of four private washrooms in our washroom trailer, complete with flush toilets, hot-water showers and a vanity.

The barbecues are fuelled for you to cook dinner on the grill (you don’t want us to cook for you, trust us).

Barbecue area.
Cooking on-site is easy and convenient. We offer guests several barbecues and a wash station.

The games are set-up if you’re ready to play.

Badminton net on the front lawn of Irvineside Farm.
The barn is a shared space for our guests to gather, play games, share a meal or just hang out together.
Badminton is one of several lawn games we have available.

And the check-in process is as quick as a hello. Oh, and Bruce makes everyone coffee in the morning because he’s one of those morning-people types. 

So why do we use the adjective “rustic?”

Because we are what we are – and we’re proud of it. 

Traditional glamping is posh. Fancy furniture in big tents with lavish decor and all the romance of a hotel suite under a canvas tent. And we love that. Truly. It’s awesome.

But we’re not that. We’re different. We’re unique.

Think camping, only sexier

The Irvine glamping tent at Irvineside Farm, with a Douglas Mattress inside a Deluxe Wall Tent.
The Irvine – Enjoy a truly Canadian rustic glamping experience in a Canadian-made Deluxe Wall Tent, with a King-sized Canadian-made Douglas Mattress. Private deck on the edge of the property. Photo by Keegan Taylor

Irvineside Farm was created to be a place where people of all ages and stages could reconnect to the great outdoors, to the sounds and smells of nature, to trails and bonfires and starry night skies, but with the comforts and conveniences of home.  

Because at some point, many of us stop loving camping, even though the experience itself holds some of our dearest memories.

Wine and a bonfire.
Wine and a bon fire at Irvineside Farm.

So yeah, the canvas tents are Canadian-made classics with private decks. The beds are pine frames with Canadian-made Douglas mattresses.  The furniture is rustic. The bedding is clean. And that’s part of our charm! 

Bonfire area
The bonfire area in the pasture of Irvineside Farm.

We’ve created a place that is truly affordable, family-friendly and so relaxed that you can get away and reconnect to the nature that feeds your soul. 

And hey, if you’re on a working vacation, well, we have Wifi in the barn, so you can work with the chipmunks. Bring peanuts. (You don’t want to know what they’ll do to your laptop if you don’t…)

Chipmunk enjoying a peanut on a guest's lap inside the Irvineside Farm barn.
Willy the Chipmunk is a legend around these parts.

Just 5kms from beautiful Elora, or 8kms to historic Fergus, you can pack your day and night with all the action you want, or rest easy here in the peaceful countryside. Either way, we know you’ll sleep great!

Quaint. Charming. Super relaxed. Clean and comfortable. 

That’s Rustic Glamping. That’s Irvineside Farm. You’re going to love it here.

Irvineside Farm sign at the end of the laneway with 6783 Gerrie Road fire number.
Girl's weekend, glamping,
Spend quality time with the ones who always give you their time, when you need it most.
Photo by Elina Fairytale

You’ve done the pricey, elegant hotels. You’ve done the late-night bar scene. You’ve rented the limo and visited the winery/sporting event/theatre/rock concert. You’ve hit the destination resorts. Now what?

Simple: gather your gal pals and come glamping with us at Irvineside Farm. Located on the outskirts of beautiful Elora, your weekend can be as full of adventure, or as mellow as you wish. Plan on fun, either way – together.

Reconnect. Reminisce. Belly laugh. Share your truths. Solve all the worlds problems fireside, with a s’mores and a Chardonnay. Start a new tradition at Irvineside Farm.

Of course, you’ll want to plan some adventures in the village of Elora because if you’ve not been before, we promise you – it’s worth the 5km drive.

Need some inspiration? We’ve got you.

Make your weekend is whatever you want it to be.

Why Irvineside Farm?

Remember fun? Yeah, you do.
Photo by Elina Fairytale

It’s downtime, but upscaled. Prioritize the sacredness of friendships and create a space to tune into the people who know our hearts, our authentic selves, the ones who knew us before the busy took over. Our sisters-from-another-mother, and if we’re lucky, the sisters in our family too.

We’d love to be your meeting place. Start a new tradition here.

Mother embraces daughter, both laughing, outdoors.
Give your Mom an experience this Mother’s Day. Photo by Any Lane

Make your Mom a ‘happy glamper.’ She’ll love Elora.

You’ve given her flowers. She’s got a”Best Mom” coffee mug. She doesn’t need another appliance. So, what do you get for the woman who does it all and doesn’t need a thing?

Easy. Give her a unique experience that she’ll remember forever. Make your Mom a ‘happy glamper‘ with a relaxing getaway at Irvineside Farm, in the beautiful countryside of Elora.

We’ve got a gift certificate with her name on it!

Just 5kms to Elora, Ontario’s Most Beautiful Village, your Mom and her guest will enjoy the boutique shops and unique finds, exquisite dining, history, artisan galleries and picturesque beauty that surrounds this quaint place.

Want to make this getaway even more special? Join her. Because as much as your mom loves presents, it’s your presence she’d prefer. Quality time. Shared experiences. Moments that matter.

Daughter lies atop mother in the tall grass, both laughing
Give time. Make memories. Photo by Elina Sazonova

Our 7+-acre rustic glamping farm offers comfortable accommodations, so your Mom, Grandmother, Aunties and Step-Moms can enjoy the great outdoors, as if they’re camping, but with all the comforts of a nice bed, fresh linens, with a washroom trailer that offers 4 private bathrooms complete with hot showers and flush toilets.

If your Mom would be happier with peace and quiet, a hammock and a good book, we’ve got that too. Our rural property is surrounded just far enough away to feel, well, far enough away. Surrounded by nature and farmland, this is a great place for your Mom to reconnect with nature, get grounded and take some much-deserved TLC.

Your Mom will love it here. Elora has something for every Mom, from adventure to nature, trails to day spas, shopping, culture and delicious culinary experiences. We’ll even offer recommendations to curate an experience based on her likes. Plus, Irvineside Farm is unlike any accommodation experience you’ll find around here. It’s one-of-a-kind, just like your Mom. It’s affordable too! (because Moms like budgets, right?)

For gift certificates or more details on our accommodations or the farm itself, email irvinesidefarmelora@gmail.com, or visit us online at www.irvinesideelora.ca.

Fly fishing in the Grand River in Fergus, Ontario.
Photo by Kelly Waterhouse

Whether you’re an expert sportsmen in fly fishing or a novice angler who just wants to experience the thrill of a fish on the line, the Grand River and its tributaries, including the Irvine River, offer world-class recreational fishing. This isn’t a fish tale – it’s true. These waters are legendary.

Plan your fishing trip and plan to stay with us. Glamping in the great outdoors at Irvineside Farm will bring you within minutes to some of the finest fishing in the province. You’re going to love it here.

Protected by the Grand River Conservation Authority, (and all of us who cherish this beautiful environment), the waters provide an excellent natural environment for several species of fish, including:

Irvineside Farm is located within 5 to 10 minutes of some of the best fishing locales, with easy access to a world-renowned brown trout fishery, known as the Tailwater. This stretch of the Grand River flows from the Shand Dam, at Belwood Lake, through the historic towns of Fergus and Elora, weaves through the Elora Gorge and on to the town of West Montrose, in Woolwich Township (approx. 15 minutes from Irvineside Farm).

The cool water released from the Shand Dam (Belwood Lake) reservoir makes the Tailwater a good habitat for brown trout. Each spring, the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry stocks about 40,000 trout in the river. As a result, this region around Fergus and Elora has been acclaimed as one of the best fly-fishing spots in North America.

The potential of these areas was identified as one of the “best bets” in the Grand River Fisheries Management Plan.

The Grand River flows from the Shand Dam, at Belwood Lake through the heart of downtown Fergus, with plenty of easy access to the river through the area. Photo by Kelly Waterhouse

Here’s a few of the most popular spots – according to the fish!

Belwood Lake Photo by Keegan Taylor
Confederation Park in Fergus is a great place for fishing and a perfect place to kick back and enjoy the day, just minutes from downtown Fergus. Photo by Kelly Waterhouse
The Aboyne Trail in the shadow of the Trestle Bridge is an ideal, tranquil spot for your catch of the day. Photo by Kelly Waterhouse

For everything you need to know, talk to our LOCAL fishing professionals, Tania & Scott, owners of Grand River Outfitting & Fly Shop in Fergus. They’ll hook you up!

Please note: Special fishing regulations are in effect in this area. And, as river levels can change rapidly with the release of the Shand Dam, we remind you to be consult the Grand River Conservation Authority’s website for river flow updates.

Get together in a place that gets you outside, away from the distractions of every day.
Photo by Askar Abayev

Quality time is simple, affordable and fun.

If the last few years have taught us anything (besides the need to wash our hands a lot), it’s that quality time with the people that matter to us is precious and fleeting. But making time is as simple as prioritizing it, making an inclusive plan and picking your dates. At Irvineside Farm, the rest is easy.

You don’t have to go far to feel far away.
You don’t have to spend days packing your car with gear.
You don’t have to spend of a lot of money to give your family an authentic destination experience.

Irvineside Farm is less than 2 hours from Toronto, the GTA, Hamilton and Niagara, and within an hour of Kitchener and Waterloo. You could be here before you hear those dreaded words “are we there yet?” from the backseat.

Our family-owned and family-operated glamping site offers clean, comfortable and yet still rustic glamping tents, to give you all the fun of a camping experience, without the need to pack up the tents, sleeping bags, and all the other things that make the packing of the car the dreaded experience it tends to be before you even get out of the driveway.

Pack up your cooler, the barbecue is already here. Of course, you can bring your outdoor cooking stove, because everyone wants their coffee in the morning. But we can help with that too.

The beds are comfy. The bed linens are supplied. The toilets flush! And the showers have hot running water – and are private.

But you won’t beat the sunrise here, the sunsets at the end of the day or the canopy of stars overhead by night.
Best of all, our glamping accommodations offer an affordable way to experience all the family-fun to be found in Elora and Fergus, from food and shopping to festivals and events.

You can be as relaxed and chilled out as you wish, or as active and on-the-go as you want to be. There is always something to do here, but it’s great when there is nothing to do too.

When you are with people you choose to be around, time doesn’t need to be accounted for; it just needs to happen. Bring your people together, here. Make memories in real time.